Do you want to know what to wear and how to put your clothes together so that it not only reflects your authentic style, it also attracts your ideal high-end clients like a magnet?

“Before hiring Josee for a closet makeover, I struggled with putting together outfits so that I looked my most stylish, professional and chic. It always felt like hit or miss. But when she spent the day with me going through my entire wardrobe, WHOA… The difference is AMAZING! She taught me how to put together professional & chic outfits that make me STAND OUT. Now I’m not wasting time or money buying things I don’t need or buying more of the same. The investment with Josee has a huge ROI for my business and visibility as a speaker, coach and leader of women entrepreneurs. I’m so grateful! She has helped me up-level my wardrobe so much, resulting in me feeling more confident & successful AND attracting greater income and speaking opportunities”.

Rebecca Massoud – Public Speaker, Business Coach

I created this course because working with women entrepreneurs, I see how, unbeknownst to them, their appearance affects how people perceive them. So many talented women miss out on tons of business growth opportunities because they don’t look professional enough. They don’t stand out and people don’t trust them as easily because of the way they look. This is ALL about to change! It’s my mission to make women feel and look amazing and unstoppable.

You can hire me personally to do this work (Dress to Manifest Massive Success), but this is a way for women to learn how to be a stylist for themselves, kind of like going to styling school only at a fraction of the price ($197 instead of 5K).  You can then be more confident in your own abilities to pick clothes and put together looks that suits your unique authentic style.

Do you want to be the most memorable person in the room? Do you want to be magnetizing to your ideal clients and dress for your next level of success – I’ll show you how.

Command positive attention and make a memorable first impression
Stand out from everyone else. Be the most recognized person in the room
Get Noticed and known as a leader people want to learn from
Look like a successful authority in your field
Get more of your ideal clients and business growth opportunities
Hone your personal wow factor and authentic style
Be a more powerful and confident speaker
Feel amazing about the way you look. Exude charisma, confidence, and success.
Increase your income and get to your next level of massive success
Save a huge amount of time and money by getting crystal clear on what suits your body and your true self
Unleash Your Unique Wow Factor – a style Transformation Course is a 4-week program that meets online from 9:30am to 11:30am each Saturday. There will be a recording of each class starting June 3rd.
Week 1: Dress Authentically and Dress to Manifest Massive Success
Week 2: Let Your Body Speak For Itself – Full Body Evaluation
Week 3: Your Power Colors & How To Look Chic, Not Shabby!
Week 4: Mixing Colors and Prints – Unleash Your Unique Wow Factor

Learn how to Gain Credibility, Get Noticed, Be Seen As a Leader, And get to the next Level of Massive Success Through a Polished, Approachable & Magnetizing Signature Style Even If You Don’t Have An Eye For Fashion

What’s included in the program:
4 Live group video calls (90-120 minutes)
Recordings of coaching calls
Private Facebook group with access to me
Email “hotline” to submit your questions and send feedback to me
Tools, Resources, worksheet to support your style transformation process and unleash your wow-factor
Bonus: 1-on-1 session (1 hour) with me over skype or phone
Limited time Bonus: The Queen of High-end Bargain shopping Blueprint. Learn the exact steps you need to know to fill your wardrobe with successful looking outfits that fit you and your authentic style for a fraction of the price. You can save thousands of dollars and look chic in the process
I’ll teach you how you can look good and feel more confident, even if you don’t know how to put clothes together or look professional. You will know because you will feel more confident and get compliments. My client applied exactly what I am teaching and she got flooded with compliments – people were even asking her if she was a fashion stylist! Another client literally had next to nothing in her closet and she was able to wear an outfit where she got compliments for the first time ever.
“I can’t even begin to explain how life changing working with Josee is. Her fun and caring approach put me at ease instantly when she came in my closet. She helped me understand and hone in on my personal brand style. I now have much more clarity on the image I am projecting and the way I want to be perceived by my ideal clients. I feel so much more confident wearing my new outfits. I learned that looking chic and successful doesn’t have to mean coming across as unapproachable, which was something I was concerned about. Now, the amount of compliments I get is unreal. What a confidence booster! When I have public speaking engagements or important clients to meet, I now feel fully confident that I look the part and leave a good lasting impression. I have referred numerous clients to her and they all loved the results and how they now feel about themselves on a daily basis. Another thing that has been inspiring to me is to witness Josee walk into a room – people take a moment to look at her and want to talk to her because of how she presents herself; the confidence and charisma she emanates through her style is magnetic and this is exactly what she does for her clients. I experienced it first-hand and it is so worth the investment to feel good about yourself and attract more of your ideal clients”.
Amanda Collins – Public Speaker, Feng Shui Master
Tracie Hasse – Author, Ambassador of Quality Connections & Strategic Alliances
“I feel incredibly lucky to have met Josee Brisebois, Personal Fashion Stylist who lives what she teaches! As a result of working with Josee, I feel like a million bucks in my clothes and love my unique, chic style that resonates with me. I used to feel like I was in a submarine and nobody saw me. Now I feel like I stand out and people want to approach me and talk to me!  When I’m at events it’s great to receive compliments on my fabulous new style. My time with Josee has been worth its weight in gold. I’m happier, feeling more confident and loving my style. It’s been incredibly empowering, fun, and a great boost to my self-confidence. If you’re looking for the best Personal Fashion Stylist, hire Josee Brisebois!”
Josee Brisebois is a personal stylist for women in the spotlight. Josee has been involved in fashion throughout her life and has styled professionals, entrepreneurs, public speakers, and TV personalities. Having worked all over the world, she uses her experience as an actor, anchor/reporter, TV host, and corporate marketing manager to help women stand out, look relatable, and be memorable. Through the inner and outer transformation they go through, what Josee loves the most is to witness women blossom, feel confident and look amazing from the inside out. She specializes in helping women entrepreneurs exude confidence, hone their branded image and find their wow factor. This allows them to stand-out from the crowd, look successful and command the positive attention they need to magnetize their dream clients and increase their income.

You will get so many more clients when your authentic style is in alignment with what you are all about and what you have to offer. Gain maximum impact, get noticed and be seen as a leader people want to learn from.  You will attract your ideal clients and increase your income. It really works – I’ve seen it happen many times over.

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