“Hi Ladies,

I feel an urge to testify on how valuable my Closet Feng Shui session with Josée has been. My experience with Josée was remarkable. Not only did she help me clear out the old to make room for the new in my closet, she also helped me identify my styles. Yes, it’s OK to have more than one! She also made me understand which colors best compliment my skin tones. I have a collection of clothing pieces from vintages ranging from the 40’s to the the 90’s. Josée had the perfect eye to identify which ones to keep or get rid of, and how to taylor several in order to be stylishly wearable today. She likes quality fabrics, and enlightened me on which colors and fabrics can go together. She helped me assemble pieces of my existing wardrobe in a new way, one that I had not visualized before. Although I have several new pieces to acquire, I now feel that just with what I have, I can dress in a new way, feeling confident that my choices reflect my personality and fit my body. Josée also has great jewelry taste and made my family heirloom pieces seem like new when she paired them in new ways to go with certain outfits.


You know you are with the right Personal Stylist when she takes you shopping, and as soon as she sets foot on the Mall, she makes heads turn, and gets complements in a flurry on her own well developed style. Josee is a strong level-headed and intelligent woman. She knows fashion, and has her own superb style.  She won’t impose her style on yours. I know that because she was able to listen to me, observe my current wardrobe, and summarize my style(s) in a few defining words that help me understand it, and myself.


I originally hired Josée to help me build my new wardrobe, and it was a total success. The clothes she had chosen ahead of time for me fit my long list of requirements: the right colors, the natural materials, the perfect fit for my body shape. Because she had put items on hold for me prior to our meeting, I was able to save much of my own valuable time. I also learned how to shop for myself.  After this experience, I feel renewed and confident. I am happy to be seen by the world again, and empowered with clothing that represent me well, and that remind me every day that it is important to care for myself. Thank you Josée.”


Anne-Emilie, Business Owner and Entrepreneur

“Josee’s styling services are absolutely amazing!!!  I have described her service as the equivalent of heated carseats.  No one ever thinks they need heated car seats — UNTIL THEY GET THEM!  It was such an amazing treat to have someone with Josee’s on-point style and kindness (because, let’s face it, my current style is a bit of a mess!) walk through my closet with me helping me to pair things, to identify my classic style, and to pin point where the gaping holes are to creating a complete wardrobe.


The shopping experience was the most fun I have EVER had on a shopping adventure post mommyhood.  It was an absolute luxury and pleasure to have Josee by my side as I made choices on both investment pieces and some basics.  Josee was so incredibly professional the entire time.  Her passion for style showed in every step of the experience and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone who is ready for a wardrobe and life transformation.  You will absolutely love working with her and absolutely love looking in your closet full of clothes that makes you look and feel amazing!” THANK YOU so much, JOSEE!!!!


It was fun working with you because I could feel the art of it because it is art and you exude style. I could feel the quality of your service. You have fun with style and it rubs off and so I had more fun. You are in your happy place when shopping and you brought me one step closer to my own happiness in life in general. You pulled me off of the seriousness of my work. It doesn’t have to be this serious and heavy, it can also be fun. You inspired me to bring fun in my work as well. You were part of breaking this difficult hard shell almost.


Your approach was professional from start to finish. Your preparedness, your content and what you had to offer, your expertise, you knew what you were talking about and I could tell.  You had so much to offer and brought so much value to the table and could understand me as a professional and as a person – you were able to meet me there where I am. I think your professional background helped and made me feel in good hands.”


Marissa Dragoo, Attorney and Public Speaker

“I initially got Josee’s consultation to help me with my style and fashion angst.  However, I got a lot more than what I had signed up for…..

Josee helped me accept my body as it is and loving my curves.  Her holistic approach and sensitivity to my feelings really helped me open up to a world of style and fashion that empowered me to express my inner and outer beauty.

From being resigned to style and fashion Josee encouraged me open up my mind to what is available for my body type.   We went to stores I would have not visited before or would have ignored.  She took her precious time to help me understand shape, form and color that works best for my everyday style. I now feel that I am more excited and confident to develop my fashion style and express who I am.”


Thanks a million Josee!!  You are a star.

Nimisha Archaya

“I can’t even begin to explain how life changing working with Josee is. Her fun and caring approach put me at ease instantly when she came in my closet. I did the Ignite my closet package and felt instantly more confident wearing the outfits Josee put together for me from my own wardrobe. When I have public speaking engagements or important clients to meet, I now feel fully confident that I look the part and leave a good lasting impression. I have referred numerous clients to her and they all loved the results and how they now feel about themselves on a daily basis. Another thing that has been inspiring to me is to witness Josee walk into a room –  people take a moment to look at her and want to talk to her because of how she presents herself; the confidence and charisma she emanates through her style is magnetic and this is exactly what she does for her clients. I cannot wait to do her Dress to Manifest program once I am done with having babies. You don’t have to be a celebrity to look like one anymore. Just hire Josee, you will not regret it!”


Amanda Collins, Public Speaker, Feng Shui Master

“I feel privileged when I work with Josee. Josee has the ability to make me feel very comfortable and at ease. She is encouraging, accepting, open to giving and receiving suggestions and has a great sense of humor. I appreciate and value her ability to work with me as a team to achieve my desired outcome. She is clear and focused and passionate about her work. Josee is wonderful! So loving and kind and talented. I recommend her and her services most highly. Thank you Josee!

Thanks a lot!!!”


Ana Galvan Bernal, CPA


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