Are you feeling unsure about your wardrobe, the way you dress, look, and present yourself? In working with me, you will be able to reinvent your wardrobe and know how to wear what’s in your closet in a more stylish way. Dress so you feel more confident about yourself and the way you look. Learn what looks good on you so you can accept and appreciate your body more. Create the space for what you want to attract in life.

As your personal stylist, I will help you design a closet filled with stylish and flattering clothes you love and outfits you feel confident wearing. We will create your own wardrobe wow factor so you can truly shine. When you feel great about how you look, you automatically exude more self-confidence. You can accept and appreciate your body more.

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“The closet makeover shifted my life. It made me more productive in my work because I get more organized in other areas of my life, work, office. I am also more focused. Because the what-to-wear thing was a big burden for me.  Now I can move on. I gained a reassurance that it’s ok to let go of the past.  It frees up space for the new and for more present energy.”

Anne-Emilie, Business Owner and Entrepreneur

“Josee came to my rescue and helped me ship shape my style into something I was proud of I was thrilled!  I can honestly say that the de-cluttering phase of the styling really became an emotional and ultimately a transformational decluttering as well.  It was a huge realization that omg I have enough and it showed me how much I have and it translated to I am enough. It made me feel more organized and lighter. It’s so much easier to pick clothes now that there is no more clutter. Now it’s only clothes I want to wear and so I feel better about myself pretty much all the time.  The very next week, following Josee’s visit to my home I wore outfits that were already in my closet and instantly felt far more confident in my clothes and my body than I had in years.”

Marissa Dragoo, Attorney, Entrepreneur

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