Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process?

Step 1: Free 45 minute “Stand Out” Discovery Session ($397 value) to get clear on how your wardrobe is affecting your life and what you want to get out of the program. We will start your brand image process so you can attract the success you desire. If we establish that we are a good fit and we want to work together, you decide on the package that is right for you.

Step 3: We will go through your closet and do a makeover. Click here for more information on this step.

Step 4: If you decide to go through the entire program Dress to Manifest (click here to learn more), the next step is a fashion training where you will learn about your unique style in more depth, how to style yourself, how to look chic and stylish, and more.

Step 5: We will schedule 2 days of shopping. For you, it will be 2 afternoons as I get there first to pick your clothes and you only need to try them on.

Step 6: Second Closet Review to incorporate your new clothes and create outfits

Step 7: I will finalize your closet with online shopping. I will send you links of items you need to finalize your closet.

Step 8: Makeup session along with final closet review and process evaluation.

Step 9: On-going online shopping services and emergency texts support for 3 months following our first initial consult

Why should I work with you?

This is always a funny question to answer, but here is the best way I can describe it: I like to use the word Wow-factor as it’s the best way I can describe what I bring to the table. I have noticed that many stylists offer a styling service to make people look nice and put-together. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and it’s perfect for all the people who are looking for that. When I help women, it has a very high-end, stylish, and chic vibe to it. I haven’t seen many stylists focus on the “high-end” look unless they are celebrity stylists. The feedback you will get are likely going to be “wow- you look really good!” as opposed to “you look so cute today”.  In other words, I am not the right stylist for you if you want to look cute and put-together. I am the right stylist if you want to look upscale & successful and stand out with your own wow factor. People will not only remember your outfit but most importantly they will remember you and your confident presence. I call it charisma. You will give a lasting positive impression. All of this is besides the fact that I’ve been involved with fashion throughout my life, helped style women for work, entertainment, public appearances, and most importantly helped women transform their life and feel happier. Finally, I use a Feng Shui approach with a 6000 year old track record that supports people in manifesting what they desire. My process supports them in attracting what they want: their ideal clients, jobs, promotions, and speaking engagements with a powerful branded image.

Where can I get more info on style?

You can subscribe to my awesome Spotlight Style Report here. I give a LOT of really valuable fashion tips and insights.

Who is your typical client?

My typical client is typically a smart and high achieving woman in the spotlight who wants or needs to look polished and successful, but doesn’t quite know how to accomplish it.  She is a real woman with a real body (just like 99.9% of us) who would like to feel better about it and about the way she looks. She might feel a bit insecure about the way she looks in her clothes or the way she puts them together. She is likely a perfectionist and understands that growing as a person and healing certain aspects of herself will make her more fulfilled and happy. She knows a little bit about fashion, but doesn’t necessarily like shopping.  She would love to know exactly what to wear and have outfits ready to go she knows she looks great in. She might or might not know yet that the way she presents herself is important and affects her life.

How do I get started?

You can schedule a free 45 minute consult or pick the package you want and book your first session right away, click here.

Do you go shopping with me?

Yes, if you pick the Dress to Manifest Package, we have two days of shopping together.

Can I hire you to shop for me?

I prefer to work with clients who want to go through the program as it’s a life changing and transformative experience, which makes it much more fulfilling and fun for both you and me. However, I can also do personal shopping. You can contact me by email here or book a free 45 min initial consult here to discuss your specific situation and needs.

Do you come to my home?

Yes. One time if you pick the closet makeover package and three times if you do the Dress to Manifest package.

Can I customize your Packages to my needs?

Although it is a well-thought package to make sure you get the most out of the experience, I can customize it depending on your specific situation. You can contact me to book a free 45 min initial consult here to discuss your specific situation and needs.

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